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pack die-cutting machine

Hydraulic 4-column flat die-cutting machine for packs. The machine configuration allows to cut a wide range of materials: tissues, cotton wool, non-woven fabric, pvc and 300 g/m2 cardboard.


Fully automated die-cutting machine ready to be inserted in a production line.
Receives packs autonomously and, after die-cutting, loads them on the packaging machine; therefore, the presence of an operator is not required. The machine is equipped with an automatic error detection system, and it is also possible to adjust the cut during production. The tamper allows compression of the pack before the die-cutting phase, thus solving two problems that often occur in this industry: dimensional accuracy and the die-cutting of very light and slippery paper.

NAP 25 e 45

Versions with manual loading of packs.

Technical specifications
max pack size cm. 19x19 cm. 25x25 cm. 45x45
max pack height cm. 12 cm. 15 cm. 15
movements per minute 15 6-10 6-10
installed power kw 8 kw 6 kw 8
working force t 10 t 10 t 15
overall floor dimensions cm. 350x130 cm. 150x257 cm. 200x280
weight kg 2000 kg. 1300 kg. 1500

Double pack die-cutting
Conveyance with linear actuators and brushless motors

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