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Product details


automatic die-cutting machine

Hydraulic 4-column die-cutting machine, particularly suitable for the types of die-cutting requiring absolute control of cutting pressure and speed (e.g. TNT).
The hydraulic cylinder is controlled by proportional electric valves, the delicate die-cutting process is controlled by linear pressure transducers. You can create different formulas depending on the type of product, for which the following parameters are set:

Cutting pressure
Cutting speed
Die-cutting deceleration ramps
Dinking die wear limit

System for product and scraps loading and unloading have linear actuators and brushless motors.


All-electric model, the movement of the die-cutting table is carried out by powerful servo motors. The total lack of hydraulic components make this model suitable for use in environments where strict safety and hygiene must be guaranteed.

Technical specifications
Max cutting size cm. 60x35 cm. 60x35
Max pack height cm. 4-8 cm. 4-8
Movements per minute 5 5-10
Die-cutting table mov. hydraulic electrical
Installed power kw 9 kw 10
Working force t 40 t 30
Overall floor dimensions cm. 230x250 cm. 230 x 200
Weight kg 2000 kg 1700

Each model can be applied in accordance with the regulations for installation in a clean room.

Product images

MT 40 MT 40