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label die-cutting machine

Hydraulic die-cutting machine with manual loading and adjustment function for cutting speed, pressure and continuous output of die-cut product. Ideal machine for cutting labels (wine, spirits, collars, food labels, credit cards), it cuts all materials: paper, cardboard, pvc, etc. The studies ease of use makes it particularly versatile: suitable for small productions, it allows you to work in series and cut up to 800,000 pcs/h.

The innovative universal dinking die mounting system allows a quick and accurate centering of the printing. The massive building, the choice of steel, careful manufacturing and the favorable response of the market guarantee for this die-cutting machine, born and raised following the evolution of technology.

Technical specifications
MODEL 23 33 36
Min cutting size cm 2x2 cm 3x3 cm 4x4
Max cutting size cm 23x23 cm 33x33 cm 36x36
Stack height cm 13 cm 13 cm 13
Movements per minute 15 15 15
Installed power kw 4 kw 6 kw 7
Overall floor dimensions cm 80x150 cm 90x180 cm 90x210
Weight kg 700 kg 1500 kg 2000

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