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label die-cutting machine

Automatic die-cutting machine, versatile and fast, suitable for cutting labels from pre-cut stacks or from blocks, equipped with power supply unit. Ideal for mass production, yet practical for limited quantities, too; from the paper cutter the operator conveys the stacks cut into blocks directly into the die-cutting machine feeder: the machine automatically conveys and cut the blocks. While tha plant is running, the operator can convey another stack to the feeder to achieve a continuous cycle.

Technical specifications
Max stack size 700 x 700 mm
Max block size 210 x 170 mm
Min block size 15 x 30 mm
Max pack height 120 mm
Dinking die height 60-80 mm
Compressed air (6 bar) 200 l/min
Installed power 7,5 kw
Movements 12-18 cycles/min
Cutting force 60 kn

Major features
quick format changeover
electronic control of the cutting function can be set according to the type of material
constant monitoring of the production cycle
auto calibration of the cutting table stroke, according to the dinking die height
adjustments via operator panel (cutting force, feed rate)
pre-centering of the dinking die out of the machine

Working mode
Automatic loading of the pre-cut stack: the die-cutting machine automatically picks up and cuts the blocks
manual insertion of the paper block

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