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stacker/palletizer for sheets

System that picks up sheets of various material (rubber, wood, plywood, pvc, non-woven fabrics, etc.) and automatically stacks them on a pallet. The storage height of the sheets is fixed, and while the pile is forming, an hydraulic platform holding the pallet is lowered.

You can choose to place the sheets on the pallet in multiple rows at selected heights. The machine consists of a solid structure in which the uptake unit is mounted, suitably designed to ensure total reliability in picking up all sort of items, even the ones wrapped in cellophane. The uptake unit move longitudinally for 1200 mm. During the pallet replacement, the machine continues to stack the sheets temporarily in a mobile magazine that can hold a stack having a maximum height of 300 mm. This stack is deposited on a new pallet as soon as the later comes into place. The stacked pallet is conveyed outside the plant on a motorized trolley and automatically replaced with a new one.

The machine is mounted on a mobile portal: this allows its complete conveyance in "off-space", free of any obstacle in the product output area.

Technical specification
Max sheets size 1200 mm x 1200 mm
Max sheets thickness 40 mm
Conveyance speed 2 m/s
Max stack height 1000 mm
No. of stacks you can set 10
Installed power 4 kw
Operation Brushless

Automatic magazine with empty pallets
Manipulator for replacing pallets
Stacked pallet roller conveyor
Automatic stacked pallet wrapper
Pallet marking and coding system

Product images

CL-02 CL-02 CL-02 CL-02 CL-02 CL-02 CL-02
Video CL02